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Wedding Games for the Reception

Wedding Games for the Reception - Some Actions for the Wedding Bouquet

Author: Jennifer Walter

A lot of people will consider that the wedding bouquet is meant for no other thing than just for the bride to take hold of. The truth about it is that there are so many ideas or activities that can be associated to the wedding bouquet. Remember that every action relating to the wedding bouquet should be more than appealing to something full of significance.

There are two options at every wedding that you can come up with. If you want to use a conventional method, you can create a single flower for both the mothers of the bride and the groom. This is what is going to be expected and cherished by every guest. But you can make things a bit unconventional by creating a bouquet for the mothers as well as for the fathers. This will arouse extra attention.

This should be done in a special way. For example, you can wrap up the flowers meant for the fathers in a very special way with a special message in it which will be read out at the wedding. In another case, you can decide to use these special flowers for fathers to symbolize a solemn moment such as paying respects to some deceased members of the family.

In some cases, the bride may opt that there will be no unity candle. In its place, a very special large bouquet, comprising other smaller bouquets, will be considered. Once it is time for the breaking up of this large bouquet, the other smaller bouquets would be shared out among the guests. You can decide to share this out to any guest or you can decide sharing these between the parents of both the bride and the groom.

But if the bride is not willing to let go her wedding bouquet in this manner, she can use it to create something interesting to the guest. The bouquet may be placed unopened somewhere and ahead of entering into the dance ground, a guest will be compelled to presume the type of flower in the bouquet. Remember that the first few presumptions may be right. This is going to be difficult for those that will come behind. Remember that to make this more interesting, the bouquet should contain an assortment of flowers. If this is not done, it will be difficult to arrive at so many conjectures.

The bride would normally wear the ordinary band around her leg while waiting for it to be removed by the groom. She can decide to conceal this in the bouquet before wearing in on her leg for her groom to take it off.

There are some brides who will want to remain glued to their bouquets. In such cases, a flower from the bouquet may be plucked off before the bouquet is given away.

If the bouquet would have to be thrown to spinsters, you should remember to create more than a bouquet. Remember that you will have a lot of spinsters at the wedding. The main bouquet will comprise of small and tiny bouquets and this will be thrown to the spinsters to catch. It is sometimes good for more than one spinster to have a piece of the bouquet.

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Top Seven Bridal Shower Games

Top Seven Bridal Shower Games

Author: Lise Rina

Planning a bridal shower is lots of fun. There are plenty of things to think about and include, but one of the main things you must not forget is the bridal shower games. These are what most people look forward to and you should try making them as fun and interesting as possible. With so many to choose from, it can be hard, so here are seven to get you started.

1. Bridal Makeover: In this game you can dress up the bride in all kinds of bridal gear. This might occur randomly throughout the evening. Perhaps there is a word she is not allowed to say, and if she does another item is added. To make this fun, don't tell her what the word is. People will really get a kick out of trying to make her say it. You can also use this as a forfeit for the guessing the gifts game below. Along with the fake tiara, massive ring, bridal sash, and satin gloves, you can also get people to do her hair and makeup!

2. The Groom Question and Answers: This can be a funny game as the bride is put on the spot. She will be asked questions about her husband to be. If she gets them right, she will get a reward, and if she is wrong, there will be a penalty. This could also be parts of the makeover game. Questions can be really random and not all that serious.

3. Pass the Parcel - the Naughty Version: This is a great way to get all the guests to join in and also give them their bridal shower party favors. You will play pass the parcel and for each layer opened there will be a little naughty gift. This could be fluffy handcuff, naughty shaped straws, condoms, and more.

4. Guessing Game: During the evening or at a specific part you can play the guessing game. This is where the bride has to guess who each gift is from. You must make sure to tell guests not to put their names on the gifts. You can also play this where she must guess the actual gift, or the bride can guess both the gift and the giver. Penalties can also work with the makeover items, by making her down another drink, or by making her eat a strange concoction of puddings.

5. Pole Dancing 101: Something that can cost a bit, but that will have everyone in stitches, is to have a pole dancing class. This game will keep everyone occupied and special dances can be organized for the bride to be. Usually an instructor will come to your venue and help you along with this great bridal shower party game.

6. Blindfolded Bride-to-Be: For another fun game you can play a different version of pin the tail on the donkey. You will blindfold the bride to be and have her attach a ring to a picture of the groom. You could make the picture anything. It might be to pin lips to the groom, to get the bride into the church, and whatever you think will be appropriate for the bride.

7. Karaoke: Any party works if you have karaoke. Towards the end o the evening, this can be perfect for letting loose and having a blast.

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Best Bridal Shower Games