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Free Bridal Shower Games

Free Bridal Shower Games

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Turn your bridal shower from plain and ordinary into an extraordinary event by integrating free bridal shower games into your party. Games turn any shower into something more fun and enjoyable.

With these free bridal shower games you will find everyone at your party getting a little silly and crazy, but that's the fun of it. Your friends will be talking about your bridal shower for weeks.

Free Bridal Shower Games:

Weigh the Handbag

Get a buzz going by having the bathroom scale sitting in the middle of the room when your bridal shower guests arrive but don't answer any questions about it. Then after watching them sweat, announce that the scale is there so that everyone can weigh... their handbag. When everyone has had their turn, give a prize to the person with the heaviest handbag.


Get a large bowl and fill it full of long grain white rice. Bury about 20 safety pins in the rice. Each shower guest takes a turn being blindfolded and they have 30 seconds to find as many safety pins as they can. The person who found the most safety pins in 30 seconds wins.

Famous Couple Trivia

Gather info about famous couples and use that as the basis for a trivia quiz at your bridal shower. The individual with the most correct answers wins!

The Paper Bag Game

Get some small paper bags and write numbers on them. Fill them with common household items and see how many of the items each guest can name. The person that correctly identifies the most items wins.

Level the Field Game

Do you have a group with one person that always seems to win everything? Try this game at your bridal shower: Pass out balloons (inflated and tied) with pieces of paper inside. One balloon will have the bride's name on it. The others should say something like, "No Way," "Maybe Next Time," or the classic, "Sorry, not a winner." Once all the balloons are passed out have your guests pop the balloons to discover what is on their paper. The one with the bride's name wins a prize - hopefully it won't be the one that always wins.

What Comes Next

Each person attending your shower takes a turn beginning a saying and the first person who can finish the saying gets to be next.


Spare the rod - spoil the child.
Actions speak - louder than words
A watched pot - never boils

The person who is able to finish the most sayings is the winner.

Married Life Love Poems

This one can have them rolling at your bridal shower! Prepare by creating two lists of words (each list needs to be longer than your guest list so that every guest will be able to choose one from each list). The first list is of words related to love, romance, and passion. The second list should be of everyday items found in daily life such as dirty dishes and toilet bowls. Now place each word on its own 3"x 5" card, taking care to keep the lists separate, so that you can hand each guest a word from each list and have them write a love poem based on those two words that you will then read aloud.

Example: Words - caress & toilet bowl
"I love your caress, it takes its toll. Its like drinking fine wine, without the next morning toilet bowl!"
"Caresses are great they're like time in the sun, but cleaning the toilet bowl just makes me wish I was done!"

Wedding Day Charades

This is played similar to regular charades except you act out a wedding day phrase.

Free bridal shower games are a sure way to make your event a fun and memorable experience.

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