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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Creative with Bridal Shower Ideas

Get Creative with Bridal Shower Ideas
by jevans161

Bridal showers are always a great time for ladies to spend some time together, and to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a dear friend or family member. For friends and family planning a shower, sometimes it can be hard to come up with some great bridal shower ideas to help ensure you and your guests have a great time. There are so many different themes and other kinds of ideas you can use to make your bridal shower one of a kind, but it can be difficult in knowing where to start. So here are some great bridal shower ideas in all the different areas and themes you can use to help create the perfect shower that will be remembered for some time.

Bridal Shower Ideas - A Theme

One of the first things you'll need to consider when coming up with ideas for your shower is if you want to have a theme of some kind. A theme can be anything from a color to a particular kind of gift you're wanting to focus on, or even a particular kind of food you'll be serving at the shower. For example, showers with a theme of a color will give you some great ideas for decorating your location. A paper theme for the shower can have you asking all guests to bring paper products for the bride to use after the wedding, such as paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, etc. A theme around a particular kind of food can be anything you like, such as sushi or an elegant tea party.

Bridal Shower Ideas - The Games

One thing bridal showers are known for are the games they get to play together. Bridal shower games can be a lot of fun, and serve as an ice breaker if the ladies don't know each other. There are plenty of kinds of games that you can play that are acceptable to every age group. If you have some great games planned, then you're sure to create a bridal shower your guests aren't soon to forget.

Bridal Shower Ideas - The Food

If you are basing your bridal shower ideas off of a food theme, then these two steps go hand-in-hand. Having a simple table set up with finger foods is always a favorite, and easy to pull off. If you are planning your shower with a food theme, then lay out a spread of that kind of food so that everyone can test and try and find their favorites.

Bridal Shower Ideas - Favors

One thing that is typically forgotten when it comes to bridal showers are favors. You don't want to forget the guests that have come to help make your shower successful, and you want to thank them for coming and participating. The Internet is always full of great sites to get bridal shower favors from, or if you're crafty you can save some money by making the favors yourself. You don't want to forget this important aspect of the shower though, it adds more fun for the guest and thanks them for their attendance. Plus, everyone likes getting a little something to remember a party by.

As I mentioned before, bridal shower ideas can come in all shapes and sizes. With a little bit of planning and creativity, and maybe even asking around friends or family, you can create the perfect bridal shower with the look and theme that you are going for.

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